The Most Expensive Car in the World

Keeping an eye to the interesting trend of car and vehicle models comes with the trending price it could offer. Among the luxurious car in the world, the Mercedes Benz seems buyer- friendly in terms of affordability. You must be getting acquainted of the famous names of this favorite sports car, supercars, muscle cars, and other of a kind for racers and even to simple fanatics.

Different company works for its best to provide the most wanted car design, suitable to all kinds of race. Among the well known cars, the most expensive one priced at $4.5 M is Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. It’s the remarkable car in the market that is limited and produced with only nine of it in 2014 accordingly. The most notable on it is the extreme design perfect for racing. Some of its features include the body of a carbon fiber-made exterior of a V12, 600 car engines.

The automobile industry is becoming more innovative and could produce the most exotic high brand and well liked designs. Car dealers take note of the stock market being their primary customer. This is where the billionaires of the world are found.  Among the company car dealers are the Ferrari and the Bugatti. Also, the Bentley is the known player to automotive industry too.

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