Teeth Whitening Risk and How To Avoid It

There’s nothing wrong in dreaming a forever white teeth, but choosing the safest way in having whiter teeth is very important. Teeth whitening treatments will be safe when correct procedures are followed. Among those teeth whitening risk are mentioned here.

Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth whitening in the method or way can cause teeth sensitivity to pressure, temperature and even touch. This occurs when using in-office teeth whitening products on high concentration of bleach. Some could experience shooting pains. Among those individuals with higher sensitivity risk are those with gum recession, teeth leakage from faulty restoration of teeth and with tooth cracks.

Gum Irritation

Using peroxide as teeth whitener may cause gum irritation. Gums that came in contact with whitening rays or high bleach concentration may experience irritated gums. It may be experienced for several days when the peroxide concentration level lowered.

Teeth Technicolor

Restored teeth such as bonding, porcelain veneers and dental crowns are not affected by bleach. It maintains its color while the surrounding teeth may lighten or whiten. This may result in teeth technicolor.

Ways to Avoid Risk and Harm

Are you afraid now to teeth whitening options? No worries at all! There are several ways to avoid all those risk. A regular consultation with your dentist before trying any methods in whitening your teeth will help. They are expert on teeth and they can give you the best recommendation. You should also carefully follow dentist advises to prevent any further harm or risk.

Consulting cosmetic dental clinic is the even better way to do and undergo for the process. They have well trained staff that can examine your teeth condition and give you the best teeth whitening options. Do you want to know one of the best cosmetic dental clinics in Australia to choose? Click here and experience the natural way of whitening teeth!