Frugal Wedding Tips

Frugality is being practical. It’s so hard to earn and save money so it is best to be wise in spending it. If you are planning t do your wedding in a frugal way, you are on the right track. A wedding doesn’t need to be glamorous in order for it to become memorable. Life after the ceremony is all that matters.


If you want to be wise in spending your hard-earned money during the wedding, the below tips can really help you.

  1. Avoid too much guest. You may be tempted to invite everyone to your wedding but it is not always a nice idea. You will just be adding additional cost and make your wedding less intimate. It is best to invite your closest relatives and friends rather than inviting all person whom you know.
  2. Ask for wedding help rather than gifts. It would be beneficial for you if you will solicit help rather than gifts.  You will end up collecting unnecessary gifts if you would choose to receive   gifts. Soliciting help can benefit and help you save money.  All you need to do is identify their capabilities. For example, if you have friends who are talented with music, ask them to sing for you on your wedding.
  3. Make your own wedding invitation. You can ask a friend of you who are knowledgeable in designing and layouts of the draft you a wedding invitation as a gift.  After the layout, designs and text are finished you just print it and assemble it.
  4. Plan ahead. Involve your family I planning so they can assist you. They can contribute you something that you need and their support can make your workload become lighter because some help of your family member ill takes other responsibility.

These simple tips can help you save money as much as possible but don’t cut budget too much. Moreover, to have a lasting memoirs of your wedding day don not forget to allocate a portion of the budget for a professional photographer. Photos and videos can be a keepsake remembrance of your big Day.  Check Edge Photography for Sydney photographers.